Partners & Affiliates

Worldwide Electronics  partnership & affiliate programs provide our stakeholders and affiliates a range of options to join the grow the Worldwide Electronics brand.

Partners we look out to are stakeholders & investors both local and foreign who meet our requirements. If you are a media house and would want to pay us official visits, feature us in a coverage, interview us, or up for a showdown etc., we are open for you. If you are a celebrity, a social media influencer or you run a YouTube channel and would want to shout us, you can connect with us to discuss the process. Partnership is also open to companies whose businesses compliment us (restaurants, offices etc) or who want hire purchase offers for staff.

For affiliates, you can earn extra commisions whenever a visitor from your recommendation places an order from your unique links.  This is an easy way for you to work from home without ever meeting us. Blogs, social media influencers & individuals, can apply for our affiliate programs. Some benefits on our affiliate include: a 60 day cookie period, high percentage on commisions and periodic rewards for worthy affiliates.

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